Leather & Tack Repair

Leather lasts, let us take care of yours.

Leather repair projects have a wide variety of types representing objects of all kinds.  Leather is an investment and leather products that are cared for can last a lifetime and more.  We have an antique saddle, over 100 years old, that is still in daily use by the great-great-grandchild of the original owner!

People gravitate toward personal items and products made of leather.  There is something about the natural feel and durability of quality leather that is hard to substitute.  This is particularly true for belts, bags and purses.  They last for years and actually get better with age, displaying their character proudly in scuffs and scraps that add personality, not the shabbiness you eventually get with fabric or vinyl.

Horse gear of one sort or another are most common, as there is such a great amount of horse items made from leather – and large creature that they are, horses break a lot of equipment just with normal every day use.