Mini-Horse Pack Saddle

Sawbuck Miniature Horses and Small Ponies

Dahlia a 9-h mini, carrying lunch for 4, water bottles, 2 slickers and a kid sleeping bag.

Is your miniature horse just a lawn ornament or pasture companion?  Your mini can become a happy, working herd member with this rig.  This authentic sawbuck pack saddle is perfect for getting your mini out of a boring corral and into the public eye in a whole new way.  Give your riding horse a break and next time you saddle up for a ride, let your little one pack a gourmet lunch and trail supplies like your slicker, water bottle and first aid kit.  * With an average miniature horse, that weighs 200 lbs, you could safely pack 30-40 lbs of gear.  Now that’s a lunch!  



Sawbuck pack saddle with saddle strings.

This is a scaled down version of a full-size horse pack saddle.  The tree is custom-crafted just for miniature horses with hand shaped and beveled bars that are correctly angled for a comfortable fit.  The pack saddle has easy-care Beta Biothane rigging that is adjustable for 3/4 or center-fire cinching and comes complete with breast strap and crupper to keep it firmly in place on the most rugged trails.  The rigging is adjustable to fit both A and B size minis and can be made for small ponies up to 11 hands. 


Sawbuck close-up, with adjustable rigging.

Sawbuck Pack Saddle with rigging – $125

Top view shopping crupper.

Available Options:

Stained Wood Tree – $15
String Cinch, (18”, 20”, 22”) – $20
Front and Rear D-rings with 16” Saddle strings – $30
Pannier bags – $5
Top pack – $25

* The packers general rule for pack weight not to exceed 20% of the horse’s weight including the pack saddle, applies well to miniature horses.  With unfit or out of shape minis, it is advised that you begin packing with lighter packs and slowly increase the work load as your mini gets conditioned to this new exercise.