Carriage Furnishings

Vehicle improvement projects we have worked on.

The Pioneer Forecart

First up – the seat and back off of a standard Pioneer brand forecart.  They epitomize the old Model-T’s slogan, “You can get them in any color you want as long as that’s red.”  Our client decided to paint their draft horse-sized cart metallic blue.  The cart looked better than new, however, the faded red vinyl seats looked awful.  We gave them a black seat with blue welting and then provided three options for the seat back, two of which showed off their historic family brand.  (By the way, the brand is properly called: the F mule shoe bar;-))  No surprise, they choose a seat back with the metallic accent and brand.  Here are before and after photos.


The Pioneer’s old, faded, red seat and back.


Back in black and blue.

Black and blue with brand.

Final choice, black and metallic blue with brand.

Army Forecart

Next up, we called this refurbishing project the Army forecart.  There are many home-built forecarts out there.  They are typically sturdy, heavy-welded, metal carts and serve their primary function well – which is breaking and training young green horses to harness.  Some are extremely well made and can be a real pleasure to drive.  Such was the case with this old green cart.  It came to us with the usual seat one finds on a homemade cart, namely a seat from out of a school bus.  These seats are understandably very durable and while this seat’s upholstery was faded and cracked, the frame and cushioning were in good shape.  The client originally was looking for green vinyl with black welting, to harmonize with the green color of the cart body.  When they stumbled upon some Army camouflage patterned vinyl they decided that was just the thing for their typical driving outings in the woods where they live.


School bus seat with cracked and faded green vinyl.

A sturdy home-built, horse-sized forecart.


Back of new seat, showing black vinyl side and top.

Front of new seat in camouflage.


Blue Roadster

Mice had destroyed this dark blue roadster cart’s black upholstery.  We updated it with a medium blue vinyl and gave it a customized touch by adding diagonal accents and welting in a lighter blue denim-look.  Apparently it now drives faster and smoother.

Blue denim accent lines.

Blue vinyl with light blue welting.